Code: 11301


Hard, Dalmatian cow milk cheese

Code: 11301


Hard, Dalmatian cow milk cheese
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Product description

Note: cheeses ordered through the webshop are sent by delivery service, in cardboard packaging, in summer months in thermal packaging. All cheeses are vacuum packed (whole wheel, half or quarter).

Milk Type: Cow
Heat Treatment: Pasteurised
Style: Hard
Region: Dalmatian hinterland
Age: 3 months +
Rennet type: Vegetarian

Aged a minimum 3 months, our premier cow milk cheese has a hard yellow to orange thick rind which opens to a firm, light yellow interior with a slightly buttery aroma. The taste is fresh and light but with depth where you can find distinctive grassy undertones with a smooth and flavoursome finish.
The cow milk used in our Kolan cheese is from black and red Simmental herds from the Zadar hinterland.

Our top selling cheese. First produced in 1996 using a recipe created by our master cheese maker and founder Ivan Gligora. Since then the production, recipe, and quality of milk has improved to deliver what is today a top quality cow milk cheese that can compete with the best - as testified by the Bronze medal won at the 2013 World Cheese Awards.