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Šinjorina Dunja - EKO Quince jam, 212 ml

Code: 34529

Šinjorina Dunja - EKO Quince jam, 212 ml

Jam without sugar

Gligora Šinjorina Dunja - EKO Quince jam, 212 ml
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Šinjorina Dunja - EKO Quince jam, 212 ml

Code: 34529

Šinjorina Dunja - EKO Quince jam, 212 ml

Jam without sugar
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Product description

Back in 2004, the story of OPG Sandra Babac from Poljica in the hinterland of Zadar began, with many ups and downs. We decided to move from Zagreb and leave our jobs, and dedicate ourselves to agriculture at OPG. We started with a few figs in our yard, which we "didn't even know how to harvest". The first jars of jam were cooked on my mother's stove, of which there are now thousands a year, depending on the year, that is, the harvest. The result was so good that, after that, we planted the first hundred fig trees, which the local community laughed at, because 'why plant something that just sprouts'?

In 2006, we planted another 270 trees, and by 2009, along with another hundred figs, we also planted over 200 quince trees. We grow targeted for processing, therefore, we are not a classic OPG, which, if it does not sell fruit from the previous day, goes to processing so that the raw material does not go to waste. The production of jam is not an incidental activity for us, we built a mini-plant in 2012 and fully equipped it. For all products, the fruit is thickened to a certain consistency, without added sugar, that is, the jars contain exclusively organically grown fruit and nothing more. Today, in addition to slightly more than 500 fig trees, we also have about two hundred eco quinces and several cherry trees.

Eko Šinjorina Smokva is a superb dessert/jam made from fresh organic figs - without any additives. It contains only one ingredient - fresh organic figs from our own fig trees in Poljici in the hinterland of Zadar. There are 148 g of figs in 100 g of jam. Figs are grown specifically for processing, and are harvested by hand at the optimal ripeness of the fresh fig.

Šinjorina Smokva is ideal in salty and sweet dishes, desserts, sauces, with soft and hard cheeses, in yogurt (especially Greek), ice cream, with foie gras and truffles, with finger food, the perfect ingredient for smoothies, in pancakes, with dessert wines, in gin, with nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, peanuts, pistachios,...) on bread and butter or simply with a spoon.

In addition to figs, we also produce Šinjorina Dunja, Maruška, Mandarina and Plum in the same way as figs, without any additives - only organic fruit. All our Šinjorin products have won many awards and can be found in the following categories: eco, baby food, souvenir, delicacy, dietary product, healthy, natural, sports food, etc.

The quantities of our products are limited, and the processing is seasonal and lasts from about 10 to a month, depending on the type of fruit.