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Rizman Pošip, 0.75l

Code: 31513

Rizman Pošip, 0.75l

White wine from Dalmatia

Gligora Rizman Pošip, 0.75l
Home / Wine /

Rizman Pošip, 0.75l

Code: 31513

Rizman Pošip, 0.75l

White wine from Dalmatia
19.23 EUR
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Product description

Pošip comes from our most famous local white variety of the same name. Our ecological vineyards consist of limestone soil with a small proportion of earth, expressing its minerality, mostly in this wine. Wanting to achieve freshness in this wine, which is harvested in the hot summer period, the grapes for this wine are picked at night and delivered to the winery before sunrise and immediately processed. Fresh, lively, mineral with the characteristics of the variety and the limestone soil, our Pošip wine is a pleasant summer refreshment whose term of enjoyment does not have to be just one season.


The grapes for this wine come from the most famous white regional autochthonous variety Pošip, with a small proportion (up to 5%) of the Viogner variety, from the own ecological vineyards of the Komarna vineyard. The vineyards are located on the southern slopes of the slope and up to 30% at an altitude of 50 to 250 m. The soil is rugged, consisting of limestone with a small amount of soil. Wine yields per hectare are quite small, ranging from 18 to 27 HL, giving a concentrated quality of fruit and freshness. Irrigation is done only in case of exceptional dry situations.


The processing and vinification processes begin with the selection of grapes after manual harvesting in our winery. The owners personally carry out the selection of grapes, wanting to be sure that the best grapes go into further production. The wine undergoes alcoholic and malolactic fermentation in a tank under controlled conditions. After stabilization and filtering, the wine is bottled and aged for a few months before being released on the market.


A youthful and dynamic wine with attractive aromas of pear, apple, melon, citrus and a hint of nutmeg. It is dry on the palate with balanced acidity, soft texture and a pleasant and refreshing finish. This wine is versatile, elegant and refreshing, and can be drunk alone or with chicken dishes, salads, light pasta dishes, white fish and seafood.


It is one of the best fresh Pošip wines that our winery has produced so far. You can enjoy the wine itself or taste it with salads, fish dishes and seafood.