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Travnicki cheese - goat cheese

Traditional white cheese - feta, 400g

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If you grew up in one of the former Yugoslavian Republics, Travnicki Sir, a brined white cheese made from sheep, cow and/or goat's milk, will remind you of home! Travnicki Sir (which translates to “cheese from Travnik”) is made exclusively in central Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the slopes of the Vlašic Mountain. At our founding in 2003, Katun established Eko Vlašic, an agricultural collaborative committed to protecting the cheesemaking region and practices that have been passed down from generation to generation. Katun White Goat’s Milk Cheese (Travnicki Sir) is brined and aged in wooden vats for at least 60 days, as has been done for centuries. Akin to Greek Feta and Turkish Beyaz Peynir, Katun White Goat’s Milk Cheese is crumbly in texture with a tangy, slightly salty flavor. In the Balkans, white cheeses are enjoyed throughout the day. starting at breakfast! This delicious cheese is a fixture on meze platters and a popular filling for savory jufka (phyllo) wrapped pies and stuffed breads. Katun White Sheep’s Milk Cheese is just the ingredient you’ll need to make delectable fillings for cheese, or cheese and spinach Burek, Pita Sirnica, flaky jufka pies filled with three cheeses, and Pita Zeljanica, spinach and cheese fillo wrapped pies. And, a “must” for Shopska Salad: with tomatoes, cucumbers, raw or roasted peppers, onions or scallions and parsley. Our authentic white cheese will add brightness and tang to omelets, salads, sandwiches, grilled fish, meat and veggie dishes, casseroles and pasta dishes. And, is a wonderful flatbread or pizza topping. Brined white cheeses are not only delicious but low in fat and a rich source of protein, calcium and gut-healing probiotics. 


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