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Gruyere cheese from cave

Swiss cheese, cca 680g

PRICE: 339,99 kn
Available: 3 pcs
Product code: gruyer0000
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It is produced only in summer months, on the alpine pastures of the suburbs of Friborg. One of the most traditional hard cheeses - cooked and pressed, classic and pronounced shape. It is a handicraft product, made from raw cow's milk similar to Emmental.
Ripening lasts from 3 to 10 months, during which the cheese rests in very humid cellars and undergoes continuous ripening. Depending on the spices, its taste varies from sweet to spicy, gradually developing its typical spicy aromas. In this case, it is Gruyere who was chosen by Hervè Mons and who is finishing his maturation in the Tunnel de la Collonge.


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