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Zigljen cheese aged in pressed wine grapes

Hard, mixed cow and sheep milk cheese from Northern Dalmatia - aged in pressed wine grapes

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Strength: 5*
Milk Type: Sheep/cow
Heat Treatment: Pasteurised
Style: Hard, aged in must
Region: Dalmatian hinterland
Age: 8 months +
Rennet type: Vegetarian

Our Master Affineur takes our premium Zigljen and ages it in pressed red wine grapes (must) from one of Croatia's most celebrated wine producers, Boskinac on the Island of Pag. Whilst the cheese ages, it slowly and surely infuses with the pungent purple must to create a unique sweet and delicate aroma and taste, and a softer and somewhat more supple texture.
Both the cow and sheep milk come from the Dalmatian hinterland from carefully selected family farms where natural grasses and hey are used.
Aged for a minimum of 3 months, Zigljen is an excellent and original blend of Dalmatian cow (80%) and sheep (20%) milk. The deep yellow rind gives way to an almost granular texture with an intense and complex taste. Expect a slightly spicy finish and look for a light, but full wine to pair with.

Aging cheese, sometimes called ripening, is the most important stage of cheese production. As cheese ages, microbes and enzymes transform the texture and intensify the flavour.
However, not so long ago this was a big problem where cool conditions weren't available, for cheese needs a constant and cool temperature to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and to develop its appearance, texture, flavour and aroma. All qualities which make each cheese unique. More importantly perhaps, preserves the cheese for consumption at a later date.
As a result, some interesting solutions were employed to combat the effects of summer temperatures. Underground caves we're commonly used where available, others aged cheese in wine must, and on the Island of Pag as Gligora's master affineur recounts in her recent interview, her Grandma used to coat her Paški sir in ash.
In 2011 Gligora reestablished the traditional practice of aging cheese in wine must and every autumn, take gallons of wine must from celebrated wine producers Boškinac on the Island of Pag. Various cheeses of different milks are submerged in the pungent purple must, which slowly and surely infuses with the cheese to create a unique sweet and delicate aroma, and a softer and somewhat more supple texture.
By reestablishing this traditional practice, Gligora have created yet another incredible cheese. None can argue with the international expert judges at the International Cheese Awards in Nantwich who in March 2014, unanimously agreed that Paški sir iz mošta was the greatest sheep milk cheese of the year, and duly awarded a Gold medal.


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