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Flawer Salt, Pag

Fleur de sel

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The Pag salt naturally contains all the minerals that are the ingredients of the sea. Salt flower is popular among gourmets for its rich and creamy taste, which is why it is used as a quality food supplement.

Salt flower is a very small, naturally white crystalline salt formed by crystallization on the surface of the sea in salt pools when the weather conditions are perfect for the flower to float on the surface.

Collecting only the top layer before it sows, so the harvesting time, done manually, is only a few hours.

The product obtained Salt flower is a completely natural product because it is created on the surface of the sea by natural crystallization when conditions in nature are almost perfect (extremely sunny and warm weather without any wind), picked up manually and dried in the sun. In particular, it is priced by gourmets for their rich, creamy and even light sweet taste, which is why they are used as a quality supplement to meals.


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