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Paski sir RAW

Hard sheep raw milk cheese from island of Pag

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Available: 137kg
Product code: 11106PASSIR
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Milk Type: Sheep
Heat Treatment: Raw
Style: Hard, raw milk
Region: Island of Pag, Croatia
Age: 5 to 11 month
Rennet type: Vegetarian

Our raw milk Paški sir carries a rich character all of it's own and the skill of our cheesemakers really comes into the fore - by controlling the many variables in production the resulting cheese are often vastly different depending upon the season, but always have a unique personality of their own.
All the milk for our Paski sir comes exclusively from local free range sheep on the Island of Pag. In this raw milk version, we forgo the heat treatment process which allows the full potential of the milk to imbue into this incredibly powerful cheese. Expect strong grassy and herbal notes, extreme strength and an incredible finish.

The majority of cheese produced today is from pasteurized or heat treated milk, but traditionally small scale farmhouse cheese makers would have only used unpasteurized or raw milk. At Sirana Gligora we started to produce raw milk Paški sir in 2011 in limited quantities for our more discerning customers.


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