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Ramov Olive Oil, 500 ml

Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 500 ml

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The unique and rich flavor of Ramov Extra virgin olive oil is derived from olive varietes of Dugi Otok - orkuladrobnica and karbuncela and varieties oblica and krvavica from the area of Ravni Kotari.
Extremely rich and full fruit flavor, distinctive smell, intense green-golden color and mild spiciness with moderate bitterness are the characteristics of this oil.

Tasting notes

The Ramov family has a long tradition of olive growing and producing the finest olive oil. The specific flavour of this oil is obtained from a combination of varieties from Dugi otok, Kornati and Ravni Kotar.

Ramov extra virgin olive oil has a rich fruity taste, distinctive aroma and intense golden colour. A mild spiciness and moderate bitterness are the main characteristics.

Despite all of the olives being harvested by hand, the Ramov family use the latest in production techniques to preserve the specific qualities and character of the olives and thus ensure the finest quality in this 1st class olive oil.


Extra virgin olive oil

500 ml
0.79 kg

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