• Read more Alpinos Ultra Hot Sauce

    Alpinos Ultra Hot Sauce

    Volim Ljuto, 100ml


    9,45 €

  • Read more Brutalero Scorpion Hot Sauce

    Brutalero Scorpion Hot Sauce

    Volim ljuto, 100ml


    10,12 €

  • Read more Jalapeno acid slicer

    Jalapeno acid slicer

    Ukiseljene, narezane Jalapeno papričice, 370ml


    4,72 €

  • Read more GOAT SUPERCHEESE - Habanero&Tomato

    GOAT SUPERCHEESE - Habanero&Tomato

    Sir iz kozjeg mlijeka s habanerom i rajčicom


    33,76 €

  • Read more Napalm Strips Pickled Peppers

    Napalm Strips Pickled Peppers

    Volim Ljuto, 212ml


    4,04 €

  • Read more Cheese with chilli pepper

    Cheese with chilli pepper

    Sir sa dodatkom habanero chilli paprika


    25,66 €

  • Read more Vrabanero Original

    Vrabanero Original

    Chili umak, 100ml


    6,74 €

  • Read more Vrabasco Strong

    Vrabasco Strong

    Chilli umak, 100ml


    6,07 €

  • Read more Vrabasco sweet chili

    Vrabasco sweet chili

    Slatko kiseli umak s chili papričicama, 300ml


    4,04 €