Zigljen cheese aged in pressed olive skins

Hard cow and sheep milk cheese from Dalmatia, aged in pressed olive skins

Strength: 4*
Milk Type: Cow and sheep
Heat Treatment: Pasteurised
Style: Hard
Region: Dalmatia
Age: 4 months +
Rennet type: Vegetarian
Status: Kosher

Price for 1 kilogram: 23,95 €
PRICE: 178,40 kn
Available: 43kg
Product code: 11209ZIGKOM
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Aged a minimum 4 months, our premier cow and sheep milk cheese has a hard yellow to orange thick rind which opens to a firm, light yellow interior with a slightly buttery aroma. The taste is fresh and light but with depth where you can find distinctive grassy undertones with a smooth and flavoursome finish.
The cow and sheep milk used in our Zigljen cheese is from black and red Simmental herds from the Zadar hinterland. After 2 months cheese is put in olive skins from island Pags olives,  where it stays for more 40 days.

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