Paski sir aged in pressed olive skins

Hard, Island of Pag sheep milk cheese - aged in pressed olive skins

Strenght: 5*
Milk Type: Sheep
Heat Treatment: Thermised
Style: Hard, aged in olive skins
Region: Island of Pag, Croatia
Age: 8 months +
Rennet type: Vegetarian

Price for 1 kilogram: 50,72 €
PRICE: 377,90 kn
Available: 45kg
Product code: 11105PASKOM
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Our Master Affineur takes our premium Paski sir and ages it in pressed olive skins (pomace) from the Island of Skradin. Whilst the cheese ages, it absorbs the taste and character of the olives which alter the taste and texture, leaving a truly unique cheese steeped in complexity. Voted the Best Sheep Milk Cheese in the world at the 2014 World Championship Cheese Contest in the US.

...a wonderfully tasteful sheep milk cheese that brings a full and complex flavour to the palate and melts nicely in the mouth. Authentic and unique, Paski sir is a pure delight and displays quality in the making, leaving a long and pleasant aftertaste to savour. A yellowish creamy colour with Farmhouse aromas, this cheese has a well balanced texture, taste, aroma and finish, and is delightfully tasty.

__ the Michelin stared chefs of the International Taste & Quality Institute, Brussels

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