Cow cheese from ash

Hard, Dalmatian cow milk cheese aged in ash

Strength: 3*
Milk Type: Cow
Heat Treatment: Pasteurised
Style: Hard
Region: Dalmatia
Age: 2 months
Rennet type: Vegetarian
Status: Kosher

Price for 1 kilogram: 136,50 kn
PRICE: 136,50 kn
Product code: 11309LUGCJ
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Our master affineur Ivanka has really created something special, and this irresistable cheese has all the makings of a future champion. Born from her grandma's recipe and method for storing cheese ash, thus locking in the moisture creating an incredibly rich and creamy taste with grassy and nutty notes.

Cheese was aged in ash on the Island of Pag before refrigeration and you can read here about our master affineur's first memories of watching her grandma prepare her hand made Paski sir. Now lovingly recreated at Sirana Gligora.

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