Dinarski sir aged in pressed olive skins

Hard, mixed cow and goat milk cheese from the Dinaric mountain region in southern Croatia aged in pressed olive skins

Strength: 4*
Milk Type: Sheep/goat
Heat Treatment: Pasteurised
Style: Hard
Region: Dinaric mountains
Age: 4 months +
Rennet type: Vegetarian
Status: Kosher

Price for 1 kilogram: 23,95 €
PRICE: 178,40 kn
Product code: 11504DINKOM
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Our Master Affineur takes our premium Dinarski sir and ages it in pressed grape skins (pomace) from the Island of Skradin. Whilst the cheese ages, it absorbs the taste and character of the olives which alter the taste and texture, leaving a truly unique cheese steeped in complexity.

Produced exclusively from cow and goat milk from the Dinaric mountain region in southern Croatia. Rustic and beautiful in appearance with a skillful blend of cow and goat milk. The flavour has an outstanding depth and nice rounded balance with a grassy sweetness that lingers on in the pleasantly long finish.

Dinarski sir iz maslinove komine is denser and flecked with crunchy protein crystals, a result of the extra aging. All the while, the pomace promotes higher levels of moisture so creamy qualities are retained. Earthy notes stand out strong against the delicious blend of farmstead cow and goat milk qualities, expect a truly unique taste and a finish to savour for a long time after.

Due to a shortage of goat milk in Dalmatia, Šime Gligora created a new mixed milk cheese by adding regional cow milk and creating Dinarski (from Dinara) sir in 2010. After resoundingly positive feedback from our retail customers, production quickly increased and the overall quality developed. In 2011 and 2012, Dinarski sir won Silver at the Global Cheese Awards and in 2013 at the World Cheese Awards it was voted as the best mixed milk cheese in the world with a Super Gold Medal. In addition in the final best 15 cheeses of the world, our beloved Dinarski sir was voted the best central & eastern European cheese for 2013.

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