Salter Nin - Flower of Salt

Flower of Salt - 250 g

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Flower of salt is collected in the salt fields in Nin, and is a product of exceptional quality and gourmet flavour. This salt is a gift from the Adriatic sea, sun and wind from the Velebit mountainside produced in a traditional way in one of the few salt works in the world that dates back to Roman times.

This salt is obtained only in ideal conditions. The salt appears on top of the sea surface as a thin layer of salt crystals resembling flower petals, which are collected by hand. Our flower of salt has an increased concentration of natural iodine, calcium and magnesium.

SOLANA NIN - Flower of Salt

250 g net
Store in a cool dry place

NaCl - 97,66 %
Ca - 0,058 %
Mg - 0,945 %
K - 0,150 %
H2O - 1-2 %
Other minerals - 1.18 %

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