Black garlic

Black (fermented) Croatian home-grown garlic 1 pc

Black garlic is new, unusually aromatic food, with mildly sweet flavor and neutral smell which amazes with its characteristics everyone who tries it. It is made from fermented fresh (white) garlic, by natural process without the use of any preservatives or additives. The garlic used in the process is home-grown, exclusively from Croatian fields.

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Although it is not as well-known as fresh garlic, it is extremely curative and is one of the superfoods known to the promoters of alternative medicine. Black garlic is more effective than fresh garlic, the organism processes it more easily. As an antioxidant it works 10 times stronger, and the portion of the fructose in it grows up to 7 times. Black garlic stimulates the immune system, decreases the risk of cancer, helps prevent infections, helps in balancing cholesterol and blood pressure and prevents the development of arteriosclerosis. It has a positive effect on cellular growth and division, which is why it si claimed to increase the consumer's longevity and is considered as the "youth keeper". In Korea, where black garlic has been consumed for centuries, there is a legend saying that God gave black garlic to people as a garantee of immortality.

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