Brala - Dalmatian Prsut

Traditional Dalmatian Prsut - 1 kg

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Incredible traditional Dalmatian prsut from Croatia's premier producer Brala

The production of Brala Dalmatian smoked ham is a story about a special relation between man and nature and the unique climatic conditions in Dalmatia, which have made possible the production of this top-quality delicacy highly esteemed by gourmets for centuries.

Carefully salted and lovingly supervised in the Dalmatia region where the dry and sweet-scented north-eastern wind generates perfect ecological conditions for ham dry-salting, revels the secret of quality and the legitimacy of its high-class delicacy status.

Highly recommended with Paski sir for an incredible taste experience

1st class Dalmatian prsut from Brala

1 kg

Size and shape of delivered product may differ from photo, but minimum weigh will be 1 kg

Paski sir, Island of Pag sheep milk cheese

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